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Image of Stanford icon - Stanford Management Company releases 2016 results

Stanford Management Company releases 2016 results

For the 12 months ending June 30, 2016, Stanford's Merged Pool generated an investment return of -0.4 percent net of fees, Stanford Management Company announced.

  • Stanford's new president

    Stanford's 11th president, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, starts today, Sept. 1. Read Stanford magazine's article on how he has made a career out of making a difference.

  • Exit interview with John Hennessy

    Outgoing President John L. Hennessy, right, talked to Peter Robinson, host of the Hoover Institution's video series Uncommon Knowledge, about how he encouraged innovation and academic excellence and pushed ideas that improved humankind.

  • SESI wins more awards

    The Stanford Energy System Innovations project has transformed Stanford into one of the most energy-efficient research universities in the world. The accolades have now gone global.

  • Board of Trustees elects Henry A. Fernandez to a five-year term

    Henry A. Fernandez, chairman and chief executive officer of MSCI Inc., a global provider of investment decision support tools, and a longtime supporter of Stanford's Graduate School of Business, has been elected to a five-year term on the university's Board of Trustees.