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Photo of Jeff Raikes and Marc Tessier-Lavigne listening to a committee report at the meeting of the Stanford Board of Trustees. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero)

Trustees wrap up the year

The long-range vision, the university budget and a tour of University Terrace were on the agenda for trustees at their year-end meeting.

  • A new vision for Stanford's future

    President Marc Tessier-Lavigne outlined a new vision for Stanford's future before the Academic Council, including initiatives to support the campus community and to advance teaching and research over the next decade.

  • Board of Trustees elects four new members

    The Stanford University Board of Trustees announced the election of four new members who were selected through the alumni nominations process and will begin their five-year terms on April 1.

  • Stanford offers admission to 2,040 students

    Stanford on Friday offered admission to 2,040 students for the undergraduate class of 2022, including 750 accepted through early action.

  • Stanford University Investment Report

    The 2017 Stanford University Investment Report, produced by the Stanford Management Company, has been published and is available online.