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Solar panels on the Central Energy Facility (Image credit: M. Scott Gould)

Let the sun shine on campus

Stanford recently completed an ambitious project to increase solar resources by installing rooftop photovoltaic systems that will generate 4.5 megawatts of power.

  • Preparing for Redwood City

    Staff feedback is at the forefront as planning for interior design, transportation, IT connectivity and workplace culture at Stanford's new Redwood City campus progresses.

  • Stanford University Investment Report 2016


  • 2,050 offered admission

    The Office of Undergraduate Admission on Friday offered admission to 2,050 high school students for the Class of 2021 from 44,073 applicants.

  • Menlo Park project

    Stanford's plans to revitalize an 8.4-acre stretch of car lots along El Camino Real in Menlo Park into a mix of housing, offices and retail with a strong "village character" are moving forward. The project is called Middle Plaza