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Photo of Trustee Steve Denning: June's Board of Trustees meeting was the last one as chair for Steve Denning. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero)

Trustees approve budget

At its meeting last week, the Board of Trustees approved the university's 2017-18 budget and reviewed capital projects, including the Escondido Village Graduate Residences.

  >> Stanford University 2017-2018 Budget Plan

  • East Campus construction to ramp up in summer

    Big changes are coming to East Campus, including a new graduate housing expansion, a parking structure and a childcare facility. Construction work is likely to cause detours and disruptions this summer.

  • Let the sun shine on campus

    Stanford recently completed an ambitious project to increase solar resources by installing rooftop photovoltaic systems that will generate 4.5 megawatts of power.

  • Officials break ground for Stanford Redwood City campus

    Stanford and Redwood City leaders gathered Wednesday to celebrate the groundbreaking of Stanford Redwood City. This will be the university's first major expansion outside the main campus in more than 125 years.

  • Preparing for Redwood City

    Staff feedback is at the forefront as planning for interior design, transportation, IT connectivity and workplace culture at Stanford's new Redwood City campus progresses.