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Image of Stanford University Investment Report 2016 Cover

Stanford University Investment Report 2016

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  • Menlo Park project

    Stanford's plans to revitalize an 8.4-acre stretch of car lots along El Camino Real in Menlo Park into a mix of housing, offices and retail with a strong "village character" are moving forward. The project is called Middle Plaza

  • Graduate housing gets OK'd

    Working to expand on-campus housing opportunities, the university is moving ahead with plans to construct a new Escondido Village residential complex for graduate students.

  • Trustees set 2017-18 tuition

    The Board of Trustees has approved a 3.5 percent increase in undergraduate tuition for the 2017-18 school year and has reaffirmed its commitment to need-blind admission and a generous, need-based financial aid program.

  • Stanford fundraising results

    Stanford reported $951.1 million in gifts during the fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2016, reflecting the support of more than 80,000 donors. Gifts included support for the Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning.