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Professor Russell Berman, chair of the Policy and Planning Board, gives a report to the Faculty Senate on how the Bay Area's high housing costs affect the university. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero) - Senate discusses housing

Senate discusses housing

The Faculty Senate on Thursday discussed how rising housing costs affect Stanford as it seeks to continue to attract scholars of the highest caliber. Russell Berman, chair of the senate's Policy and Planning Board, led the discussion.

  • Trustees review projects

    During its June meeting, the Board of Trustees, led by Board Chair Steven Denning, reviewed construction projects, including the new Denning House, approved the university budget and feted outgoing President John Hennessy and his wife, Andrea.

  • Sweet 16

    At his final address to the Academic Council, John Hennessy reflected on the highlights of his 16-year tenure as president, including Stanford's generous financial aid program, enhancements to the arts and multidisciplinary research, and improvements to the campus' physical plan.

  • Budget priorities

    Stanford's 2016-17 Budget Plan addresses many of the university's highest priorities, including providing full funding for new programs designed to combat sexual violence on campus, Provost John Etchemendy told the Faculty Senate Thursday.

  • Land use process

    Working with neighbors and local governments, Stanford is beginning the process to propose to Santa Clara County an update of Stanford's campus land use permit. Initial meetings to solicit community input are scheduled for early June.