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Image of the future home base of the Stanford Neurosciences Institute and Stanford ChEM-H. (Image credit: Ennead Architects)

2016-17 fundraising results

Gifts in 2016-17 provided $1.13 billion for financial aid, interdisciplinary research, faculty support, patient care and a future home-base for Stanford Neurosciences Institute and Stanford ChEM-H.

  • Long-range plan white papers

    Stanford's long-range planning effort moves forward with the release to the campus community of the 37 white papers produced by four area steering groups.

  • Financial results for investment return, endowment released

    For the 12 months ending June 30, 2017, Stanford's Merged Pool generated a 13.1 percent net investment return, Stanford Management Company announced.

  • Redwood City campus moves ahead

    Buildings are taking shape at the new Redwood City campus and other planning activities are progressing in anticipation of the 2019 opening.

  • Middle Plaza project moves ahead

    A Stanford project including new housing, retail and office space along El Camino Real in Menlo Park is a step closer to reality with the city council's support.